Coma information needed

I am in the process of  enlarging a fiction  story about a person in a coma,  and could use  any personal or medical information you mightbe wiling to share.  I have listed some things I have already found  out,  but I am specifically  interested in whether people in a coma can hear and/or react to, what they hear.

“As a nursing student, I remember my instructors encouraging us to speak to comatose patients. That thought was always in the back of my mind when I worked as an intensive-care nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital. March 18, 2010|By Lynn Heiderman | Special to The Baltimore Sun”

“Many research articles have been written about whether patients in a coma hear people talking to them. According to studies, hearing is the last sense to go when a person becomes unconscious. Other studies have found that after regaining consciousness, some patients report that they heard and understood various conversations that took place while they were unconscious.”


Let me know what you think and if you have any evidence either way  would you?



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