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God is  so great to  His children  and  sometimes He plans  the most  wonderful  surprises for us.  The Montrose Bible Conference Christian Writers Conference  was  one of those  wonderful  surprises  God had planned for me.

Before this past week  I had only heard of Montrose Bible Conferenc,  but did not really know about it and had never visited it. I had never heard of the Christian Writers conference that they sponsor every year.

A very good friend of mine was visiting MBC one day about 2 months ago and she picked up a brochure on the Christian Writers Conference and brought it to me, thinking it was something I might enjoy.  I sent in my registration, not knowing what to expect but thinking , if nothing else it would be a nice vacation.

God had much bigger plans for that week,  Not only did I have a very restful vacation in a beautiful place, but I also made some  wonderful Christian  friends  who share my love of writing,  I received a notebook full of  links and data for me to research  when I returned home, and I was priveledge to be taught and guided by some of the most amazing people who only wanted to help me be a better  writer.

Thank You God  for this  wonderful special surprise, and if You are willing, may I go there next year and every year thereafter.




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